Balgrae Training Fields

The 17 acre property has been fully fenced to provide a number of different size training and competition areas:

Balgrae B Course Field photo

B Course Field: Approximately 4 acre field, fully fenced, can be worked with either sheep or ducks.

Balgrae 100' x 120' arena photo

HT arena: 100' x 120', suitable for work on either ducks or sheep.

Balgrae 120' x 220' arena photo

A course: 120' x 220', currently configured for AKC A course but could be modified for ASCA/AHBA arena trialing. The permanent livestock holding pens neeeded for competitions are to the right behind the tarped fence line

Balgrae 35' Control Pen photo

Control Pen: 35' square pen suitable for working ducks/sheep. Coming soon: Solar flood lights to allow night work!

Balgrae Round Pen photo

Round Pen: 40' Diameter round pen suitable for work on ether sheep or ducks.

Balgrae Take Pen photo

Take Pen: 8' x 8' pen with 3' tall sides. Suitable for teaching "tight" work from the outside of the pen, inside flanks.

Balgrae Duck Arena photo

Duck Arena: 105' x 55' feet, currently configured for AKC A course ducks. Light weight fencing suitable only for working ducks.